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The Basilica of Saint John the Evangelist, Ravenna.

The Basilica of Saint John the Evangelist, Ravenna ItalyHotels near Saint John the Evangelist.


Photo: 1)the gothic Portal, 2)outside, the apse, 3)inside, chapel with frescos of the 14th century


The empress Galla Placidia had Saint John Evangelist ’s church built in the 5th century.


On the death of the emperor Honoris, his sister Galla Placidia made her way to Constantinople with her son Valentinianus III to obtain recognition as the legitimate heirs to the throne of Ravenna. This mission ended well.

It would seem that during a sea storm on the return journey, Galla Placidia pledged to build the basilica.


Having landed safe and sound, the basilica was built.


The church underwent various interventions in different periods; in 1944, it was seriously damaged by air bombings.
Unfortunately, the mosaics of the apse were destroyed; however, some fragments of the beautiful medieval mosaic pavement dating from 1213 still remain and are exhibited on the internal walls. This pavement represented themes taken from the courtly romances of those times, fantastic animals and the heroes of the crusades.

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