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Piazza Caduti per la Libertà, Ravenna in the 1900

Piazza Caduti per la Libertà in Ravenna city centre. Hotels near Piazza Caduti.


Photo:1)Piazza Caduti, the Building of the Provincia,2)Palazzo of the Province, the S.Francesco Plaza, 3)Palazzo of the Province, turret ancient building Rasponi, in the background the bell tower of the Basilica of S.Francesco, 4)Palazzo of the Province, the hanging gardens, 5)Palazzo of the Province, the fountain in the inside garden, 6)Palazzo of the Province, the back of the hanging gardens with the underpass for S.Francesco Plaza, 7)Piazza Fallen, House of the Littorio, 8)Piazza Caduti, Building INA, 9)Piazza Caduti, side southwest


The present  Piazza Caduti per la Libertà, once known as Piazza Littorio, was formed during the Thirties, after a high pitched debate  between innovative urban designers, promoters of demolition works, and local intellectuals, that wanted the old square to remain the same.

The project followed the re-qualification of the near Dantesque area according to the  new town plan that wanted this fascist foro to become the centre of the re-organised urban space.
One side of the square was occupied by the Province Hall, founded in 1928.


It was substituted by one of the most magnificent Earl Ferdinando Rasponi's houses. It is told that the Earl used to light his pipe using 10 £ banknote when hunting or drinking; at that time the daily pay for a worker was . When the earl fell into poverty, at the end of XIX century, his palace was transformed in the luxurious Grand Hotel Byron.

The New Roman arcades of the new building, designed by Giulio Ulisse Arata, defined Piazza San Francesco on one side whereas its façade regained its pleasing exterior appearance only in 1934 when the old houses in front of the palace were demolished to create new Piazza Littorio.

Casa del Littorio
was built in the years 1936-38 between via Guidone and via Guerrini.


A massive travertine tower at the round corner of the arcades , destroyed during the War, was the expression of the architectural  impulse towards a new monumental  tone of the aspect of a humble and silent town.

The way out of Via dell'Impero (today via de Gasperi) to the square was realized later.


Prof. Gianni Morelli


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