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The origins of Ravenna, Italy .

The origins of Ravenna, Italy. Accommodation in the centre of Ravenna.


Photo: 1)the marshlands at the north of Ravenna, 2)residues of ancient coastal dunes,3)graph (brown line) of the walls and the ancient gates Ravennas romanic Castrum (yellow zone) on 43 b.C.

We can imagine the origins of the town if we go back in time to the year 1000 B.C.

There is a river that flows into the Adriatic sea, a ford to cross it with, with huts all around and then a village. The earliest peoples do not have a name we know only that they came from the East.

Subsequently in the VI and V BC,  new populations arrived: the Etruscans coming from the West (from Spina in particularly who continued to piracy in the Adriatic), followed by the Umbrians coming down from the Apennines. Last came the Celts in the IV century BC coming from the North.


Therefore featuring a slow succession of peoples; that gradually populated and expanded over the Romagna plains, until the first turning point in history: the Roman conquest, which in Ravenna, coincided with the III and II centuries B.C.


In 89 B.C the town became a confederate of Rome and in 49 B.C Julius Caesar concentrated his best troops here, before the fatal crossing of the Rubicon towards Rome. It then became a Roman municipality and main town of the “Flaminia region” under the Emperor Augustus.

Prof. Gianni Morelli

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