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Maximian Archbishop of Ravenna

Maximian Archbishop of Ravenna 546-556. Hotel near the mosaics in the centre of Ravenna.


Photo: 1)Basilica of S.Vitale, bishop Massimiano's portrait, 2)Museo Arcivescoviles, the chair of Massimiano, 3)Basilica of S.Apollinare Nuovo, the particular one of the mosaic "censored" from the bishop Agnello, 4)Basilica of S.Vitale, the bishop Massimiano in the court of Giustiniano


Old deacon from Pula, Maximian, selected by Emperor Justinian, was consecrated by the Bishop of Ravenna and by Pope Vigilius in Patras and decorated Archbishop with the function of "Primate d'Italia" and caretaker of religious-political orthodoxies in Ravenna.


The tale of an old underground treasure used by a prelate to richly furnishing churches, charity and civil benevolence, lets us easily understand Maximian's political managing ability, and his enormous money flow that permitted him to realize great monumental works: he is, in fact, a church- builder Bishop, whereas his successor Agnellus seems to be rather a decorator (even if radical, as appears from the censorship on two panels depicting  two processions, one coming out from "Palatium" and lead by Justinian, and the other from Classe with the arian bishop, in S. Apollinare Nuovo).


In the Basilica of S. Apollinare in Classe, terminated by Maximian, the Bishop placed mosaics depicting Bishops , , Orso, Ecclesio and Ursicino.


He controlled all his predecessors' relics (particularly Apollinare's, whose "Passio" was finally written and promoted) and for those who had enlarged the Archbishop Palace he wanted a  portrait in it.


He wrote a chronicle of Ravenna (lost but in the past used by the historian Agnellus).


But it is probably the Cathedra eburnea - wonderful Justinian's personal gift to his friend in Ravenna, that better represents his charisma, personality and works.


It is not difficult to find, in Giuseppe's chronicles,  a parallel between the Israel patriarch and the Archbishop, model of good political and ecclesiastic government.


Prof. Gianni Morelli


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