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Romagna district gastronomy


Photo: 1)piadina romagnola, squaquerone cheese with caramelled fig accompanied by Canena Wine, 2)Mora Romagnola pork products, 3)a bench at the market with tipical pork products of Romagna


There has always been a close link between the environment and social features on the one hand and between its activities and products on the other.


Until a few years ago it was the typical wine drunk in the local inns. It is reasonable to suppose that it was made as far back as in the second century using the grape press of the Roman villa of Russi; and it was definitely already present in the 17th century in the barrels of the cellars of the Portuensi friars, it being specifically mentioned in the accounts registers and stock taking ledgers of the Raffanara Madrara estate (Russi).

Two main types were produced: Canena nova, with a certain sugar content, and drunk on special days on which the Russi Fair took place; while the Canena fata wine, which was of longer duration could be drunk until the summer.

The Canena grape harvest brings back particular memories: on my estate, when I was young I used to go down several rows of vine stock to choose the best and ripest bunches of Canina nera grapes, which must account for at least 50% of the total.

Fine bunches of Barzamé (Marzemino), Curnacia, Tinturia and Anzillot (Ancellotta) were also used , as well as the small and compact Pignal negar grapes e, together with Rumané characterized by pinkish grapes, which acted as a kind of dressing for the other grape types.

 The evolution in wine making has led to the disappearance of almost all these minor autochthonous vines, which have only been preserved by few local cultivators, who have without knowing it, become the true upholders of tradition, biodiversity and the local culture.

While La Canena, wine not to be confused with Cagnina, another typical wine of the Romagna tradition obtained from the Terrano or  Refosco vine, is a wonderfully palatable wine with a low alcohol content.
It combines ideally with the sliced pork products of the Romagna tradition, in particular with the traditional Italian cooked pork sausage and with the typical “bel e cot” dish, by virtue of its acidic notes which make the ideal accompaniment to these pork products.

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