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mausoleum of Theoderic in Ravenna, Italy

The Mausoleum of Theodoric, Ravenna, Italy. Hotels in the centre of Ravenna.


Photo: 1)the side entry of the Mausoleum, 2)backside of first floor, 3)tub of Theodoric's corpse
4)inside of the ground floor


The Mausoleum of Theodoric rises in the ancient graveyard of the Goths, at that time called Campo Coriandro. The mausoleum dates back to the year 526.


Theodoric had the mausoleum built while he was still alive.

The mausoleum consists of large squared and dry-joined blocks of Istria stone. The structure is divided into two orders, one above the other, the lower a more ample decagonal order and the higher a more narrow order, decagonal the lower part and circular the upper part.

Covering the mausoleum is a huge single circular mass weighing approximately three hundred tons and measuring 10 metres in diameter and one metre in thickness.

When the Byzantines reconquered Italy, Ravenna became the capital city.

Theodoric’s body was moved from the mausoleum which then became a place of Catholic worship.

In the 9th century, a tower was erected next to the building and used as a lighthouse for landings at the nearby port of Padoreno.

With the passing of time, like other ancient ports in Ravenna, this port was slowly and gradually buried.

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