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Pietro Crisologo Bishop in Ravenna

Pietro Crisologo Bishop 426-449.  Hotel near  San Giovanni Evangelista and Galla Placidia Museum


Photo: 1)Biblioteca Classense, miniature of the 1330, S.Giovanni Evangelista resques from the shipwreck Gall Placidia with his children, 2)Basilica of S.Giovanni Evangelista, headstone of dedication, 3)Basilica of S.Apolinnare Nuovo, the mosaic of the city of Class, 4)The Church of Saint Cross reconstructed in 1600 next to the rests of the ancient church


The Church of Ravenna, under the leadership of Orso, took the side of Galla Placidia and her son Valentiniano and supported the cause for the apparent sovereign's  return when Giovanni, from civil servant, attempted to become emperor.


Once Orso died,  a very outstanding priest from Ravenna that was well seen by Galla Placidia, was chosen as his successor: Pietro (Severiano) Crisologo.


Crisologo continued the long-range ecclesiastical work of his predecessor: his pontificate was one of the highest points in the spiritual and cosmopolitan reality in the history of Ravenna.

His vigorous teachings and his theological preparation (he was nicknamed by his contemporaries  "crisologo" that means "with a gold mouth" because of the quality of his speech), his relationship with Western and Eastern Bishops and with Pope Leone Magno made him the protagonist of his time.


In the new holy city of Classe he built the Basilica Petriana, work of incomparable beauty and decorative richness ( unfortunately it collapsed during an earthquake in the VI century) , whose magnificence must be an inspiration to the mosaic composition in Santa Apollinare Nuovo depicting Classe and its fantastic buildings protected by surrounding walls in the background.


In 443 he consecrated Saint John Evangelist Basilica, that Galla Placidia had edified by the sea in honour of the Saint that saved her returning from Costantinopoli, and some years later the Santa Croce Church, with its two Saint Lorenzo's oratories aside  ( then Emperor's mausoleum), and  San Zaccaria Church.


Prof. Gianni Morelli


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