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The XVIII masterpiece of Ravenna : the little church of San Carlino

The XVIII masterpiece of Ravenna : the little church of  San Carlino. Hotels near the church of San Carlino in Ravenna.


Photo:1)S.Carlino church,2)detail of the fassade


The little church of San Carlino is located in via Tombesi dell' Ova, Ravenna.

After the restoration works by brothers Taddeo e Giovan Battista Dal Corno and the cult of the church opening  in 1762, Ravenna could admire how the art and good taste used by painter Domenico Barbiani and maestro in stucco Giuliano Garavini  transformed a small building in a clear, cosy and breathless  church.


The apse is dominated by the "glory" of the Heavenly Father by Garavini;  in the central part of the vault Barbiani depicted with marvellous prospective a false dome; the altar and the valuable marble floorings make this little church the XVIII century masterpiece of Ravenna.

Above the altar there is a Giovanni Barbiani portrait dedicated to the Saint Archbishop of Milan Carlo Borromeo , and beside it portraits of the previous titular bishops of the church, the Saint Apostoles Simone and Giuda and martyrs Fabiano and Sebastiano.


Dal Corn brothers also attended the territorial division of the ecclesiastic Beneficio: for this reason they sold its various scattered parcels of land and bought a single more profitable one in Piangipane.

The marble map of the new farm (with a bird's eye view) is walled in the church under another headstone with the date of the foundation of the church: 1062, and its founder Oddo annexed a total 85 tornatures of land  divided into two farms .


Prof. Gianni Morelli


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