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Lord George Gordon Byron in Ravenna, poet.

Hotel near Casa Guiccioli and near Palazzo Gamba, where Byron lived in Ravenna. Lord George Gordon Byron in Ravenna Italy, poet.


Photo: 1)the portrait of Lord Byron,(from "Byron e Teresa" Natale Graziani, ed. Mursia)2)the slab of marble in memory of Lord Byron's staying in Ravenna,3)Porta Adriana at the beginning of the historic centre Ravenna,4) Palazzo Guiccioli, 5)the portrait of Conte Alessandro Guiccioli(from "Byron e Teresa" Natale Graziani, ed. Mursia),6)the portrait of Contessa Teresa Gamba in Guiccioli,7)Palazzo Gamba, close to hotel Bisanzio,8)the Gamba Family coat of arms, 9)Palazzo Cavalli, via Salara



In 1819 George Gordon Byron, sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale, came to Ravenna, from Venice where he had met the young lady and he fell in love with Teresa Guiccioli.

The poet arrived in the city on the exact day of Corpus Domini.
He was stopped at Porta Adriana because the yearly procession was passing through the streets of the city.

He asked for information on how to reach the city centre and he went to stay at the Imperiale Hotel.

He later moved into the Guiccoli house on invitation of the master of the house, Alessandro Guiccioli; once there Byron became a "serving cavalier" of Mrs. Guiccioli, as was the tradition at that time in Italy.

Whilst in Ravenna Byron continued the draft of Don Juane and at the same time wrote, Il Diario Ravennate, Il Mio Dizionario and Pensieri Sparsi.
He soon became well introduced into the town atmostphere and learnt to apreciate and take advantage of the town assets.

He was courted and collected invitations, he used to find time for and go on long horse rides to keep himself in shape.

When he was unable to ride he travelled around in his elegant black carriage which he had especially built in the Napoleonic style.

He frequently visited the Borgo San Rocco, outside the city gates, where he mixed with the modest folk who found it ddifficult to understand his Italian.
In his diary we can read about his days spent in Ravenna and about his long walks.

The pleasure of fine accommodation in the centre of Ravenna: we recommend the Fabbri hotels for a pleasant stay as follows:

The Centrale Byron Hotel, 3-star hotel in the centre of Ravenna, with its name in honour of Byron;

The Bisanzio Hotel, 4-star hotel in the centre of Ravenna;

Once you have reached the hotel and parked your car, forget it and walk everywhere, because everything is within walking distance.

The railway station is near our hotels and within walking distance.

The Centrale Byron Hotel's management is honoured to hold the name of Byron, who loved freedom and the town of Ravenna.

Romance is in the air in Ravenna!

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