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Ravenna in the 1800's

Ravenna, Italy, in the 1800’s. Hotels near the 1800's monuments of Ravenna.

In each era, travellers, who were not then termed tourists, sought different aspects of the towns that they visited.

In the 1700’s in Ravenna, they came for the Roman and Byzantine remains to be found in the churches and chapels; while in the 1800’s attention was drawn to the shrines and fine paintings.

The 1800’s saw the arrival of visitors who not only had a taste for art but who actually participated in it: so that the learned visitor sought to satisfy his need for inner knowledge.

It is perhaps this aspect which attracted a series of poets and writers to Ravenna such as Byron, Shelley, Oscar Wilde, and later Henry James, Ezra Pound, Herman Hesse and more recently Diego Valeri, Marino Moretti, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Eugenio Montale, André Frossard.

But the 19th century was also the century of the National Risorgimento movement in which Ravenna was actively involved.

Of particular note being the arduous “plot” by which in 1849 the Ravenna patriots saved Garibaldi who was fleeing from capture by Austrian troops.

Ravenna became part of the Kingdom of Italy on 13th March 1860, following the overthrow of the pontificate government as the result of a popular uprising, and it became the main provincial town of a predominantly agricultural province that was still extensively covered in marshland still to reclaimed and cultivated.

The second half of the century saw the development of important movements originating from the world of the farm labourer, and thanks to Nullo Baldini the cooperative movement became important, initially made up of bricklayers and farm labourers.

Some Ravenna monuments dating back to the 1800s:

1) Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi; 2) Piazza Anita Garibaldi; 3) Stazione Ferroviaria; 4) Officina del Gas; 5) Teatro Vecchio; 6) Casa Matha e Mercato Coperto; 7) Borgo S. Biagio; 8) Carceri; 9) Borgo S. Rocco;

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