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Casa Loredan in Ravenna

Casa Loredan in Ravenna. Hotels near to Casa Loredan.


Foto:1/2) facade and detail of Casa Loredan, via Cairoli

Venetian-Gothic style windows and little balcony, red Verona marble columns, Renaissance capitals together ennoble the fired brick façade of this house in via Cairoli, one of the most elegant among the few that remain from the Venetian domination (1441-1509).

The house has been attributed to the Loredan family of the Venetian patriciate that invested heavily in land in the Ravenna area, mainly aimed at cereal production. It seems, though, that the house was first owned by Vitale Lando, when he covered the role of podestà and captain of Ravenna - a period of sixteen months (this was roughly the length of the mandate) that started in June 1461.

This date suggests that the house existed at that time and that therefore the Padenna Canal, which flowed along todays via Cairoli and via Mentana, had already been filled in - at least this stretch. The Padenna was the main canal that flowed within the city's walls.

Its ancient course today is a sewerage pipeline, while on the surface the river banks can still be seen in the parallel roads that cross the city from north to south: today's via Rossi, via IV Novembre, (Hotel Centrale Byron's street),via Cairoli, via Ricci, via Mazzini on one side and via Zanzanigola, via Matteotti, via Mentana, via Guidone, via Baccarini on the other.

The canal's source was the River Montone, which at the time surrounded the city walls to the west and the north, and flowed to the Ronco Canal which flowed along the walls to the south. At the time of the Venetian domination the various internal canals were covered and the city changed its appearance, finding new land to build on and better hygiene conditions.


Prof. Gianni Morelli


The pleasure of sleeping in Ravenna's city centre: we recommend the following hotels for your stay: Fabbri Hotels:

the Hotel Central Byron, 3 star hotel
, in Ravenna's city centre, is near to Casa Loredan

the Hotel Bisanzio, 4 star hotel,
in Ravenna's city centre, is near to Casa Loredan


Once you have driven to the hotel and parked, forget the car and walk... everything is just a few steps away.

Even the station is nearby, at walking distance from the hotel.

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