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Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, a basilica for two religions.

Sant’Apollinare Nuovo: a basilica for two religions in Ravenna, Italy. Hotels near Sant’Apollinare Nuovo.


Photo:1)the front of the Basilica, 2)inside, Madonna in throne with Child, 3)inside, the Palace of Theodoric, (detail),4)inside, the Port of Classe (detail),5)inside, the Magi(detail), 6)inside, a scene of Christ's life, 7)S.Eufemia leads the Virgins' procession, 8)S.Martino leads the Saints' procession, 9)Christ on throne, 10)inside of the Basilica

With the erection of his palace church (now Sant’Apollinare Nuovo) towards the end of the 5th century, Theodoric created an uncommon blend of architecture, sculpture and decoration, taking inspiration from the eastern and western worlds, hence the distinctive features of Byzantine Ravenna architecture and art.

Sant’Apollinare Nuovo
is first and foremost the legacy flaunted by the good political connections existing between Theodoric and the emperor of Constantinople (his adoptive father) and by whom he had been recognised as king of Italy.

The mosaics on the walls, most of which have survived the centuries, enable us to follow the evolution of this art of the Theodoric and Justinianian periods as seen from iconographic, stylistic and idealistic points of observation.

Indeed, reflections of the Arian religion and the politics of the Gothic king are effortlessly evoked, as also the subsequent iron fist of Byzantine and Catholic orthodoxy reactions that strongly condemned mosaics of the Theoderic period.


The censure carried out by the Catholic bishop Agnello, aimed at eliminating any reference to Ostrogothic dominion and to the Arian religion, was at the same time concerned with clearly reasserting the concepts of Catholic Orthodoxy. Agnello completed the new decorative plan with the anti-Arian Trinitarian dogma expressed by the three Wise Men in adoration of Christ the King.



Prof. Gianni Morelli



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