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Theatre Alighieri in Ravenna

Theatre Alighieri. Hotel near the Theatre Alighieri Ravenna.


Photo: 1)front of the of the Theater Alighieri, via Mariani,2)the stage,3)Ravenna coat of arms and the clock,4)detail of the ceiling,5)honor stage


The Alighieri Theatre was built in the 19th century on free land which at the time was named the place of the Swiss, the pontifical guards.

A new public hall for shows became necessary, that would be larger and better-suited than the old theatre situated at that time on today’s Via Matteucci.

This necessity was connected with the strengthened presence of the new social class that arose following the upheaval of the Napoleonic period, the bourgeoisie, that took on and spread cultural models and styles that had previously belonged exclusively to the aristocrats.

A new central position was chosen for the new theatre, the project of which was entrusted to the Venetian architects Giovan Battista and Tomaso Meduna, this latter being also the architect of the Fenice theatre in Venice.

The Alighieri theatre, inaugurated in 1852, gave the city a completely new prestige, thanks to its magnificent mass, the solemn neoclassic colonnade at the front, as well as a stable orchestra of 45 instruments.


Prof.Gianni Morelli

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The railway station is near our hotels and within walking distance of them.

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