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Casa Matha, Temple of Freemasonry, Indoor Market.

Casa Matha, Indoor Market and Masonic Temple to the east of Ravenna Italy. Hotels near Casa Matha, Indoor Market and Masonic Temple.


Photo:1)The indoor Market,2)The Casa Matha and the Temple of Freemasonry, nearby the campanile of S.Michele in Africisco of the VI century,3)the inside of the Indoor Market, 4)the inscribe tablet, 5)ornament of the old building, 6)view from the Hotel Centrale Byron of S.Michele in Africisco campanile


The new premises of Casa Matha, internally affrescoed by Enrico Piazza, was built in 1901. Casa Matha, an ancient fisherman ’s society, has existed since the 10th century under the name of Schola Piscatorum.

It detained fishing rights in rivers and valleys, and with the passing of time came into possession of woods and dry valley lands, and the purpose of this order was to give mutual aid to its members. The society regulated the uses of fishing and fish trading.

Situated opposite Casa Matha is the Indoor Market, adorned with floral stuccoes and supported by cast-iron columns. This market took in food stores spread here and there in the neighbourhood, especially along Via IV Novembre, the ancient butchers ’ street.

Internal reconstruction was carried out in 1984, eliminating the original characteristic aspect of the stalls.

Amongst other things, the “Casa Matha” building hosts the Masonic temple Orient of Ravenna ( Freemasonry ); the Masonic house, therefore, is situated at Via Matteotti 35, just a short distance from the rear entrance to the Hotel Centrale Byron at Via Matteotti 19.


The pleasure of fine accommodation in the centre of Ravenna: we recommend the Fabbri hotels for a pleasant stay as follows:

The Centrale Byron hotel, 3-star, in the centre of Ravenna, close to the Temple of Freemasonry, close to Casa Matha, close to Indoor Market ;

The Bisanzio Hotel, 4-star hotel in the centre of Ravenna, close to the Temple of Freemasonry, close to Casa Matha, close to Indoor Market ;

Once you have reached the hotel and parked your car, forget it and walk everywhere, because everything is within walking distance.

The railway station is near our hotels and within walking distance of them.

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