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What story do mosaics tell ?

What story does this gospel tell ?, Hotels near the mosaics Monuments of Ravenna.



Photo: 1)S.Apollinare Nuovo, detail of the S. Martyrs' procession ,2)S. Apollinare Nuovo, detail of the S. Virgins' procession,3)S.Vitale, the vault and the arch of the presbitery,4)S.Apollinare in Classe, detail apsis mosaic, the archangel S.Michele

It tells us that we can trust in God because his friendship lasts for ever and the prize that awaits the Saints who had faith in that proposal.

There are almost a hundred Saints that are honoured by the Mosaics of Ravenna incessantly- church after church- with their name and surname.

An extensive host which to pronounce becomes a litany and prayer and which remains impressed as an example that is always in front of us.

It is believed that it was this same Bishop Apollinare to begin this devotional practice, by bringing to Ravenna, at the risk to his life, the relics of Saint Agata and  Saint Eufemia.

Two centuries later, during the Greek-Gothic war, in 541, in order to overcome the plague that had affected Giustiniano and, in Ravenna, Giuliano Argentario , the relics of the saints Cosma and Damiano were sent and St.Michele, the “soldier” archangel was invoked, in the eternal battle against evil.

On defeating the Goths, it was the Ravenna saints Bishops Severo and Apollinare who became the objects of veneration all over the vast European territories.

The last ranks of the “friends of God” being the Saints and Virgins that were decorated in Saint Apollinare Nuovo by the will of Bishop Agnello who has therefore handed down to thus an authentic book of veneration that the Christian populace of Ravenna had gathered from every part of the world.


It is no accident that  it was San Martino, the “hammer”  of the heretics and Saint Eufemia, the proud witness of the Council of Calcedonia,  to guide the processions after Theodoric and, next to them , the only one covered in gold is Saint Lorenzo custodian of the Church treasure,  that Galla Placidia had chosen as a guiding model of his own conduct of the imperial power.



Prof. Gianni Morelli



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