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Ravenna today: good hotels in Ravenna Italy

town of Ravenna today: a tourist heaven; best accommodation in Ravenna centre. The right tips to visit Ravenna.



Photo: 1)the sea, 2)the pinewood, 3)restaurants at Piazza del Popolo, on the backside the Hotel Centrale Byron 4)the entrance of Hotel Centrale Byron on Via IV Novembre, 5)in the Park of the Delta of Po, 6)the Masoleum of Theodoric,

Ravenna is a wealthy and calm provincial  town in North Italy, that guarantees a delightfully relaxing stay: and we propose the hotels the most proper to understand Ravenna.

In order to describe the delights of both ancient and modern Ravenna and to provide as much detail as possible we shall summarize as follows:

- there are visitors that come for business or to visit companies ;

- there are visitors that come for the art, history and archaeology, music and theater,

- there are those that particularly appreciate the excellent typical Romagnola cuisine of Ravenna;

- Both men and women love the fashionable shops and boutiques ;

- many prefer Bed and breakfast accommodation that leaves them free to visit other typical restaurants with no limits on the place or times;

- there are those that stop off in Ravenna as part of a cycle tour;

- there are those that stop off in Ravenna as part of a motorbike tour;

- there are those visitors or exhibitors of the Bologna Exhibition who prefer to come and stay in peaceful Ravenna, and also to get more economical accommodation;

- there are those that come to Ravenna to buy mosaics or to learn the art of the mosaic;

- there are those that come to Ravenna for a health and fitness break;

- it is important to get a general insight into Ravenna, plan the holiday or the tour; those coming by train can reach the hotel on foot as the station is nearby; it is also possible to hire a car.;

- it is also worthwhile visiting the outskirts of Ravenna: the pine forests, the Delta del Po park, or organize a bike tour of Ravenna and the surrounding area ; Ravenna is also only 10 km from the sea ;

- there are those that come to take their children to Mirabilandia, and we provide special offers on many days;

- Ravenna is the ideal stopping off point for parties that organize historical, artistic or archaeological trips: as it is rich in history and tradition, it is on the main route between Rome and Venice , as well as being near Venice it is also near the Parco del Delta;

- but for all visitors finding a good and comfortable hotel is essential, and finding out how to get to the Hotel Centrale Byron and Hotel Bisanzio, and to know where to safety park their cars: our recommendations are below.

The pleasure of fine accommodation to sleep in the centre of Ravenna: we recommend the Fabbri hotels for a pleasant stay as follows:

The Centrale Byron hotel, 3-star hotel in the centre of Ravenna;

The Bisanzio, 4-star hotel in the centre of Ravenna;

Once you have reached the hotel and parked your car, forget it and walk everywhere, because everything is within walking distance.

The railway station is near our hotels and within walking distance.

We have compiled a list of our best values: Hotel Bisanzio and Hotel Centrale Byron, both in downtown Ravenna

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