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Medieval mosaics in San Giovanni Evangelista

Medieval mosaics in  San Giovanni Evangelista. Hotel near San Giovanni Evangelista in the centre of Ravenna.


All together these mosaics mirror the culture of that time: the subject thematic uniqueness of men's salvation incidental to the church makes this building the public building of excellence


The narration through creative imagery - a sort of moral vade mecum for spectators - develops subjects from famous novels, legends and a sort of a mystic zoology in an allegoric-moral description (shortly defined as Bestiario).


Besides these topics there are paintings depicting the news of the IV Crusade, ended in 1204 with the Latin victory, the establishment of the Latin Empire of Costantinople and the election of Francesco Morosini from Ravenna  as Patriarch of Venice.


The various events have a poor composition and are illustrated, as in medieval miniatures,  with the total absence of proportions  between figures and settings and an absolute graphic drawing style and thin descriptive borders.

insist on only the faces' obliged points, as cheeks and mouths; movements are embarrassed and rigid but the story is immediate, fresh, with the genius of Medieval story tellers when singing deeds of heroes and characters of  chivalrous novels.


(Professor Nurith Kenaan-Kedar, studious of Middle Age and deacon of the  Art Faculty  at the University of Tel Aviv proposes a tender and human reading of the figures, as a sort of  ex-votum by an unhurt crusade back to  Ravenna).


A romantic love story in the shade of the IV Crusade: see the text the mosaic flooring in S.Giovanni Evangelista by KENAAN-KEDAR.


Other panels depict themes from famous courteous novels and tragicomic stories with moral endings (see the funeral of the dead fox)

Real and fantasy animals and monstrous creatures in the last panels are the elements of a zoological cycles recalling natural science treatises or the already named Bestiario.


Prof. Gianni Morelli


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