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The Byzantine re-conquest; hotel in Ravenna;

The Byzantine re-conquest and Ravenna. Hotels in the historical centre of Ravenne.



Photo: 1)Basilica S.Vitale, emperor Giustinano's face, 2)outside of Basilica S.Vitale


The Byzantine re-conquest: on the death of Theodoric the emperor of the East Giustiniano came onto the scene with plans to reunify the empire by re-capturing the lands occupied by the Barbarians.


In the 6th century the Byzantine Empire surrounded the Mediterranean from the Levant the North Africa to Greece, Italy and southern Spain.

The Byzantine also achieved artistic and cultural greatness


The Byzantine armies after Africa and Sicily reached Ravenna in 540: and extending to the sea, they ended the war with the Goths. So Ravenna was again the capital of Italy

The West was again joined with the East in the hands of a single emperor. During the years of the Byzantine conquest archbishop Massimiano, invested with special powers directly by Giustiniano, assumed the role of Imperial deputy.

He was the great ally and friend of the emperor, the only one of the Ravenna people, in his magnificent imperial court which appears in the choir of San Vitale.

was responsible for the completion of the magnificent Basilica of San Vitale and the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe and for the first Ravenna church commemorating the Virgin Mary, named Santa Maria Maggiore (the entrance door still retains a bust depicting Ecclesiasticus with the wording “The Blessed Bishop Ecclesio built this church in the year of our Lord 527".


Prof. Gianni Morelli

The pleasure of fine accommodation in the centre of Ravenna to visit the ancient town: we recommend the Fabbri hotels for a pleasant stay as follows:

The Centrale Byron hotel, 3-star hotel in the centre of Ravenna;

The Bisanzio, 4-star hotel in the centre of Ravenna;

Once you have reached the hotel and parked your car, forget it and walk everywhere, because everything is within walking distance.

The railway station is near our hotels and within walking distance.

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