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Orso, Bishop in Ravenna

Orso, Bishop in Ravenna. Hotel near Christian Monuments.


Foto: 1)Galla Placidia Mausoleum, mosasic of the Martyr of S.Lorenzo,detail of the iron grill on the flame, 2)S.Apollinare in Classe, mosaic of the Bishop Orso


Orso (Cornelio Orso),399-426, was the Bishop in Ravenna in the first 25 years of the V century and he was an excellent spectator of great events for his church and  for the whole of Christianity.


One of his first aims as Bishop was the construction of a Cathedral worthy of Ravenna Imperial Capital, that he consecrated in 407 together with the near Baptistery.


He suggested that the Emperor Onorio erect a great  Cimitery Basilica in Cesarea in memory of San Lorenzo, "friend of the poor", martyred on an iron grill,  untold and mind-blowing figure for the imagery of that time.


Few years later even Galla Placidia wanted to represent the Martyr in her mausoleum, to put her and her imperial power in the same orbit of the saint martyr and his care for the poor.


Two very significant actions are attributed to Orso by Ravenna: the building of the original sacellum dedicated to San Vitale (still inside the big basilica) and the enlargement of the St Apollinare's  grave, built some years before in Classe by Bishop Severo.

Orso died in March 426:we have his mosaic portrait, together with Severo, Ursicino and Ecclesio's ones,  in the Basilica in Classe.
At least till the end of the first half of VI century, only Orso and Severo were venerated as saints.


Prof. Gianni Morelli

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