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Longobards at the doors

Longobards at the doors of Ravenna Italy. Accommodation in Ravenna, city of the mosaic. 



Photo : 1)the borderline of the Exarch in 603 (red-jellow line) and at Liutprando death in 744 (green zone), 2)The romanic parish church of S.Pietro in Silvis, one of the blooming parish churches during the Longobards Era, 3)the romanic parish church of S.Pancrazio in Godo


Longobards at the doors: barely 15 years after the destruction caused by the Greek-Gothic wars and Italy was submersed in a new wave of invaders: the Longobards of Alboino.

With the Longobard invasion and the protracted battles over the next two centuries, Ravenna, Italy, seat of the Exarch (representative of the emperor and supreme commander of the army) concentrated all the Byzantine resistance on himself.

In 751, thanks to the Longobard Astolfo, the era of the Exarch ended and a new one began: that of the aristocracy of the archbishops, favoured by Saxon and Frank emperors.
However the Imperial Ravenna era was almost at an end: and the town gradually disappeared from the international to the regional stage.


Prof. Gianni Morelli

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