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The armed fleet of Augustus

The armed fleet of Augustus in Ravenna Italy. Hotels in Ravenna centre.



Photo: 1)statue of Ottaviano Augusto situated in front of the Basilica S. Apollinare Classe
2/3)a part of the archeological zone of the ancient port of Classe, 4)tombstone of a Classiario,5)Classe with the port of Augusto


The historical focus is now on the Emperor Ottaviano Augustus, the heir of Caesar, who decided to build a major military port on the slim Ravenna coastline.

The port and the inhabited area that grew up around it were called “fleet” (“classis” in Latin) i.e. Classe.


The Praetorian fleet was moored at Classe, the Roman Armada of the East, that assured the defence of the Adriatic and the eastern seas of the empire: with 250 ships and a total of 10,000 soldiers, oarsmen and sailors; with naval commodores everywhere right up to the Piraeus, on the Danube and the Black Sea.


The ships were moored in extensive docks that extended right to the inhabited area and expanded continuously to form a unique format: a town with an extremely long extension; with three major urban centres, Ravenna, Cesarea, Classe.

Prof. Gianni Morelli

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