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Giovanni Angelopte Bishop in Ravenna

Giovanni Angelopte Bishop 477-494. Hotel near Bizantine mosaics in the centre of Ravenna.


Photo: 1)Museo National Ravenna, bust of warlike hero recovered in the area of the so called Building of Teodorico, 2)Mausoleo of Teodorico, the tub of porphyr in the vain superior, probably the first sepulchre of the king,3)the basilica of S.Agata Maggiore, via Mazzini


Elected Bishop of  Ravenna after some years of a vacancy, his life is was quiet except for two episodes.


The first one concerns Bishop Giovanni's faith.


During an Eucharistic celebration in his beloved Santa Agata Maggiore Basilica, an angel appeared and assisted the bishop  during liturgical actions as a deacon.


For this reason he was nicknamed "Angelopte": "he who saw the angel".


Historian Procopio tells us the second episode, it occurred between Odoacer and Theodoric in Ravenna under siege, showing Bishop's great authority as conciliator.

"Theodoric and Goths ,tired after a three-year siege, and Odoacer and his men, suffering from privations, finally agreed to settle in Ravenna, with absolute fair conditions, thanks to the conciliation of the Bishop of Ravenna.


It was 5 June 493. A memorable day that an excited historian Agnellus from Ravenna tells us:


"Blessed Archbishop Giovanni opened the city doors that Odoacer had closed, and we went out to an open terrain with crosses, incense burners and Holy Gospels in our hands, invoking peace and singing with ministers and clerics.Prostrated to the  ground, the Bishop obtained what he claimed".

He invited the new Eastern King entering in Ravenna and peace was granted to its citizens and to all the Romans the Bishop had prayed for.

Giovanni Angelopte is considered  the "city defendant" for excellence among the great Bishops of Ravenna.


His successor Bishop Pietro ( 494 - 520) built the archbishop palace near St Andrew Chapel with an anti-Arian function, and around 519 he worked to prevent the fight between Christians and Jews in Ravenna .


Prof. Gianni Morelli


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