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The Era of the Bishops

The Era of the Bishops in Ravenna, ItalyAccommodation near the Christian monuments in the centre of Ravenna.



Photo:1) Basilica S.Apollinare in Classe, the mosaic represents the delivery of "Privilegia" to the Ravennate Church, 2)Basilica di S.Apollinare in Classe, the mosaic represents Bishop Ecclesio,3)a part of the walls


It was also the beginning of the so-called “Era of the Bishops”: who were the new privileged interlocutors of the Roman emperors, and who undertook in each province to help to needy and guarantee civil justice (as well as penal justice ) thereby upholding the town’s honour and pride.

At the beginning of the V century the church moved from Classe ( which remained the “Holy city” right up to the time of Dante) to Ravenna: Bishop Orso built the Cathedral and the Bishop’s Palace, the Baptistery which in the middle of the century was decorated by the successor Neone with a series of mosaics and stucco work considered to be masterpieces of Imperial mosaic work.

By the 5 B.C Ravenna was surrounded by a sturdy set of walls.

Prof. Gianni Morelli

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